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Swedish Massage
30 minutes $45
60 minutes$75
90 minutes$115
Melt into relaxation with this light to moderate pressure treatment.  Feel your breathing slow and deepen, your mind quiet, and your spirit settle into peace as your muscles melt with the soothing, flowing movements of a Swedish massage.
Therapeutic Massage
30 minutes $55
60 minutes$85
90 minutes$125
Therapeutic massage melds many bodywork techniques to achieve an optimal release of muscle tension. Your knots will be honed in on, pressure will be applied to suggest release, then as the knot lets go the follow-through movement will iron out the newly released area.  

Prenatal Massage
30 minutes $45
60 minutes$75
Prenatal massage comforts Mom-to-Be on her path to motherhood. It eases the aches and pains associated with the increased weight on your musculoskeletal system. It also balances your hormone levels leading to a decrease in anxiety or depression.  As your nervous system relaxes you will have an increase in endorphins which will improve the quality of sleep as well as your ability to get to sleep.

Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes $85
90 minutes$125
Feel relaxation sink into your muscles as the heat from the stones warms you. The heat will increase your blood flow which in turn improves oxygenation of the muscles, aids in the restoration of cells, and speeds damaged tissue breakdown all leading to reduced healing time.  
Spa and Add-on treatments
CBD Add-on $15
Scrub Add-on $35
Foot Massage & Scrub Add-on$35
Body Wrap$115
Try something new or extend your treatment with a healing addition to your massage.